Summer Camps!

summer Camp

Summer Day Campers with a Sulcata Tortoise


Summer Camp 2017 !!

We have several camp dates to choose from for 2016

Camps are 5 days – 10 AM to 3 PM

July Dates                                                              August Dates
July 10 2017

Now that Summer Camp has ended until next summer here are a few comments from parents and kids about their experiences at our summer camp.

What did you and your child think of the instructor? – ‘I like her very very very very very very very much.’ – Sophia Z.

How did your child like the camp overall? – ‘ He really enjoyed it and wants to come back next summer.’ – Santiago G.

What is your impression of the camp and how it was run? – ‘ Great learning experience, kept his interest each day. He is happy to share new animal knowledge. Passionate staff.’ – Thazin T.

5 days – 10 AM to 3 PM

cost: $195 per week – if you are registering siblings there is a 10% discount

We have an air conditioned indoor classroom – New activities – New outdoor lawn for games, picnics, and tortoise races!


South American Red Footed Tortoise


Bearded Dragons – Native to Australia

We will focus on basic animal groups and everyday we will explore a different animal family. Bug Day – Reptile Day – Amphibian Day – Mammal Day – and Bird Day

Each day begins with a discussion about the animal family for the day. There will be games like frog races and tortoise races with real tortoises, and crafts like designing a habitat, .

Every day is a different animal adventure with some hands-on interaction when it supports the lesson plan and with a select group of our animals.

Also new for this year! We will have a whole new bug zoo and bug lab!! There is only one other in BC and we are thrilled to be able to offer this amazing opportunity for your kids to examine and study the vast world of insects in this unique interactive buggy adventure.

Be Curious ! There is so much to Learn!

caring for Guinea Pig

Caring for Guinea Pig


the class looking for interesting bugs

Crested Gecko

Crested Gecko


fun with crafts

Keep your kids learning, having fun, and encourage their curiosity about the natural world but enrolling them in this unique experience of animal adventures.

Every day is a new adventure with a different animal family – the world of insects – mammals – reptiles – amphibians – birds.

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