Junior Zoo Keeping Course

Baby boa constrictor

Baby boa constrictor

The next session of the Junior Zoo Keeping course begins:

Feb 26 2019 to March 2 2019

10 am to 12pm – 2 hours of exploration and learning every Saturday for 7 weeks

This course is for teenagers aged 13 yrs. to 17 yrs. old


Sulcata Tortoise Shell

Is your teenager interested in learning about caring for animals of all kinds? We have the course for them. The Junior Zoo Keeping course is a unique opportunity for teens to learn about caring for animals in captivity. There is also hands-on animal care experience and training in basic zoo keeping techniques.


Rubbing lotion on a Sulcata tortoise shell to keep it conditioned.


The course covers topics such as pest control, animal husbandry,  zoo safety, animal safety, animal characteristics and animal behaviours. The many possible careers working with animals is also covered in the course, the purpose of zoos, rescue centers, and conservation groups.

The course is taught  in a relaxed atmosphere surrounded by our 350+ exotic animals.

2 hours – Sundays – 1PM. to 3PM.

each session – 6 weeks          class sizes are small

So if your teen ever wondered how to tell a girl snake from a boy snake, what animal can lick its own eyeball, what careers are out there for them working with animals, why do we have zoos and conservation centres, how to introduce a new animal into a new enclosure, why many exotic animals don’t make good pets, and much more, this is the course for them.

cost – $195.00 + 5% GST.

Registering more then one teenager? We have a 10% sibling discount.

To register call (604) 531-1100 or email: info@urbansafari.ca

Jr zoo keeping

A student with the domestic rat he is training.

jr zoo keeping2

Learning about snake anatomy.

Our Instructor

Jaime Battle – is a micro biologist with the provincial government. Jaime brings 20 years of animal science experience to our classroom. She has also taught at the college level, bringing excellent incite to teaching your teens.

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