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The Adult Career Training program is an intensive course that will open up the world of animals to you and is designed for true animal lovers wondering about a career working with animals.

The Program

Sulcata also called African Spur Thigh Tortoise

The Career Training Program is an intensive 24 weeks. Class is held 1 evening a week and 1/2 day every Saturday. The evening class is lecture, notes, hands-on with animals, and exam time. Saturday is hands-on work with animals and notes.

There are 4 core projects to complete and 10 exams.

Students learn basic zoo keeping techniques and animal husbandry from the Zoo Keepers Manual produced by Cor Jansen, world renowned zoo consultant and curator of zoos such as the Honolulu Zoo and the Assiniboine Zoo, among others. Students learn animal characteristics, pest control, signs of illness, feeding techniques, the safe handling of animals, and more.

On set - Van Mag

Working on set with a donkey for Vancouver Magazine

working with husky in whistler

Working with a Siberian Husky at a corporate event in Whistler BC.

The wrangling portion of the program teaches set etiquette, animal safety, animal training. Notes and manuals for both the zoo keeping and animal wrangling portions of the course are part of your course material and yours to keep and will be valuable no matter what career you may choose working with animals.

Animal Lovers

This program is designed for true animals lovers. Some of the careers covered are Zoo Keeping, Animal Wrangling, how to operate your own animal business, and much more. Students are taught the ups and downs of running your own business and how to make it successful. Over the last 12 years students have come from all over Europe, Britain, and Australia to take this course.

We have many successful students who have gone on after finishing the course to open dog daycares, dog grooming, doggy delis, or pet waste removal businesses. Other students have gone on to graduate from veterinarian programs or graduated from zoology degree programs. Still others have moved to California to work as animal wranglers in film and TV. One woman started a nature reserve in Australia for Dingo Dogs.

If you love animals the possibilities are endless.

savannah monitor cuddles

Savannah Monitor lizard

Course Instructor – Gary Oliver

Gary Oliver




Gary Oliver has studied and worked with animals his entire life. He studied veterinary medicine at Guelph University, volunteered for many years at the Royal Ontario Museum in the Entomology Department. He has worked in zoo pathology labs, was a horse guard with the Governor General’s Horse Guards and owned a large Arabian horse farm in BC before starting Cinemazoo and Urban Safari Rescue Society. He has been teaching the Adult Career Training course and passing on his vast knowledge and experience with animals for the past 15 years.

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